Volunteering in the community since 16 yrs old, Harry is the definition of dedication.

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Community first driven, Harry can be counted on to do the right thing in a reliable way.

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Harry knows and understands what hard-work is and isn't afraid of it to better his community.

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Turning Community Vision Into Reality

Working with the Municipal and Provincial levels of Government and local organizations/clubs/groups through volunteerism and earning leadership skills from 20 years of entrepreneurship has given Harry Ward a unique understanding of the wants, needs and visions of his community.

Harry has the experience, the understanding, the confidence and the vision. Now he needs your vote.

On Oct 17, 2020, vote for Harry Ward for District 13. Let's all work together turning community visions into reality.

About Harry Ward

Harry and his son, David.

Harry and his mom.

Harry Ward had a challenging start to life. His parents divorced when he was 10 years old – and his father exited his life. His mother, Muriel, was ill after the divorce and while she was in treatment, Harry and his two siblings were separated and placed in foster care. The following years were stressful and difficult for Harry, changing schools frequently as he moved through the foster care system. Eventually the family was reunited, and Harry was relieved to return to his childhood home, family and friends in Lewis Lake.

Starting at age 16, Harry worked during the summer months as a labourer with a paving company (with promotion at a young age), as a house painter, house mover (including jacking), all while a maintaining a paper route. At this time he started his life long commitment to his community by volunteering as a junior firefighter at the Lewis Lake Volunteer Fire Dept.

At 18 years old, Harry moved out of his family home. He stayed very busy during his summers working with the local Lands and Forestry Depot where he learned many leadership skills, while being responsible for work crews, fire fighting crews and the maintaining of fire roads, and supervising individual construction projects within Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park and Long Lake Provincial Park.

At 20, he completed a fine woodworking program in Middleton, NS, becoming a qualified high-end furniture maker. He found his niche - it was work he thoroughly enjoyed and he was good at it! He worked in the construction industry, building kitchens, specializing in the custom cabinetry, building and renovating homes and apartment buildings.

Wanting to expand his abilities as a craftsman he studied architectural drawing and design at NSCC. He used his skills working with specialty hardwoods and doing custom woodwork for the public sector and was promoted into a contractor sales position working with the public extensively for three years, before moving to high end renovations, working closely with clients and organizing sub trades.

At 33, Harry was married, had a son, lived in Lewis Lake, and felt the time was right to take a chance and start his own business. From the coupling of his education in high-end furniture making, architecture design and drawing experience, many years of managing people, organizing projects and understanding people's needs/wants/expectations and the willingness to work hard sprang forth Harry's small incorporated business - HPI- Homework Projects Inc. specializing in historic design and renovations.

Through lots of hard work, long hours, experience, determination and skill, Harry's business HPI- Homework Projects Inc. grew into a reputable home renovation business now serving Halifax for over 25 years, with all advertising being word-of-mouth (which means satisfied customers). From fostercare to a successful business owner - Harry Ward doesn't give up, is a hardworker, problem-solver and has many, many life experiences.

Harry was determined not to repeat history and to give to his son, David, the love and support of a father and the opportunity he was not given in his own youth. He was very involved in David's upbringing. David attended private school, was involved in many sports - excelling at competitive swimming, breaking many Trojan Swim Team records, was one of the top provincial swimmers for six consecutive years. David has had opportunity to travel and now attends Dalhousie University studying Commerce. Harry is a proud dad.

Now that his son is grown and has become independent, Harry has more time to put back into his community by volunteering with a number of groups and organizations. (read more about his volunteer work).

Harry has set his sights on becoming the councilor of District #13. Volunteering in the community for 1000s of hours, he has talked with literally 1000s of people from the community and this has given Harry insight into the issues people are facing, what they want for their community, what works and what doesn't.

Harry is not a career politician, he is a regular guy living and volunteering in a community he loves and HIS voice is YOUR voice. It takes courage to put your name forth in a contest like this, but Harry knows that he would do a great job representing Chester-St.Margaret's and make his community proud. He has clear visions and solutions to offer.

Harry Ward asks for your vote on Oct. 17, 2020. Please contact him if you have any questions,concerns or comments: (902) 456 8179.

Harry Ward in the community

Harry wants to work together in turning community visions into reality. If you see him at an event or even grocery store, please say hi!

Lions adopt a highway cleanup.
Harry's dog, Dexter

Community Involvement

Starting his long career of volunteerism at the tender age of 16 as a junior firefighter, Harry Ward has donated thousands and thousands of hours of service to his community.

Harry worked on countless fund raising events through the fire department and became firefighter when of age, was an active leader in the Scouts Canada Program for half a decade, a qualified competitive swimming judge, and is involved in a 20-year study called Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging.

Harry gives his time and energy to many organizations in his community, has been awarded the HRM volunteer of the year award in 2014, and scheduled to recieve a community volunteer award from the Province in August 2016. He currently serves on four boards with the following organizations.


Alexandra Children's Centre

Harry has been sitting on the board of the NPO Alexandra Children’s Centre since 2000.

Being a Non-Profit Children’s centre for over 35 years, it has been formative in the province's childcare program.

In 2007, through hard work and determination, the organization built a two-million dollar state of the art child care facility.


Harry investigated seemly inflated expenditures in heating/cooling/ ventilation costs and uncovered an engineering problem in the building. In finding this problem, Harry saved ACC 40% of annual expenditures in heating/cooling/ ventilation!

Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust

Harry has been on the board of director’s of the Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust(FBWHT) since 2009. He has been either Co-Chair or Chair of the organization for the past 5 years.


He was active in having 8500 hectares of land between the 103 and around the 333 highways protected under the Wilderness Protections Act of Nova Scotia.

Harry organizes the annual May Fair.

Harry conceptualized, developed and implemented the process of naming trails after exceptional people in the community.

Estabrooks Community Hall

Harry is a past chair of the now Estabrooks Community Hall. Harry has been a sitting board member since 2011. The centre was deemed for demolition by HRM, but the community stepped in and saved it. With hard work and determination, this hall has become a very busy gathering place for the community.


Harry disagreed and challenged HRM for three years in regards to the ECH tax bill. In the face of HRMs repeated refusal to take any action, Harry appealed with Property Valuation. Initially the tax bill was reduced from $29,000 to $2,800, but Harry believed it should be lower. He continued to fight and now the ECH tax bill is $1,200 annually.

Bay Treasure Chest Association

Harry also sits on the board of the newly formed Bay Treasure Chest Association (BTCA) as one of the non profit organizations (FBWHT). The Bay Treasure chest brings thousands of dollars into the community making it possible further growth of our area. The Bay Treasure Chest scholarship fund, established in 2015, has been named for Anne Martell, who was the co-founder of the Bay Treasure Chest.


Harry has helped refine procedures to make the weekly count run more efficiently.

Harry would love to hear from you...

2020 Harry Ward

Please feel free to give Harry a call at 902 456 8179 with any questions, suggestions or concerns.